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The Keto Savage Podcast

Podcast discussing fitness lifestyle, the keto diet, science, nutrition, contest prep, the fitness industry, business, and the pursuit of happiness!  There will be several different podcast guests that will consist of athletes, experts in the health and nutrition industry, and other people of interest!

Aug 17, 2018

In this episode, I speak with functional dietitian Ali Miller and we dive into the detail of holistic healing! We discuss Ali's journey from a vegetarian, to following a paleo approach, to finally transitioning into keto. We talk about micronutrients and where she sees common deficiencies. We dive into the HPA Axis and stress response. We discuss some of the benefits around cycling the carnivore diet. We compare the hormonal patterns between men and women. We even dive into CBD oil and the importance of meal timing. I learned a TON in this episode and I hope you do as well!