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The Keto Savage Podcast

Podcast discussing fitness lifestyle, the keto diet, science, nutrition, contest prep, the fitness industry, business, and the pursuit of happiness!  There will be several different podcast guests that will consist of athletes, experts in the health and nutrition industry, and other people of interest!

Mar 24, 2023

Do you understand the concept of “flow” and how to maximize it? Steven Kotler is a well-known author and has popularized the concept of flow. He is one of the world’s leading experts on human performance and has written multiple bestselling novels, including the recently published Gnar Country. ( It was a pleasure speaking with him, and I know you’ll also enjoy this episode.


What you’ll hear:


  • Where the concept of flow came from initially (1:33)
  • The catalyst for his interest in flow (4:18)
  • Neurobiological changes and performance (7:46)
  • The multiple ways to know you’re in flow (10:15)
  • Daily habits to set yourself up for successfully being in flow (13:40)
  • The four neurobiological signals that indicate you’re in flow (16:06)
  • Flow triggers and how to use them (19:55)
  • How stress affects your flow (22:25)
  • Gratitude and mindfulness (28:13)
  • How to say no (32:44)
  • Optimizing human performance in the long term (36:12)
  • Slow rot theory (38:07)
  • Passion, purpose, and flow as the key to longevity (42:49)
  • The Peak Performance Experiment (46:45)
  • Allostatic load (53:17)
  • A skillset that he’s keen to improve upon (56:24)
  • The motivation behind the animal sanctuary (58:39)
  • The single best thing we can do to help the animal population (1:02:45)


Where to learn more from Steven:


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