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The Keto Savage Podcast

Podcast discussing fitness lifestyle, the keto diet, science, nutrition, contest prep, the fitness industry, business, and the pursuit of happiness!  There will be several different podcast guests that will consist of athletes, experts in the health and nutrition industry, and other people of interest!

Mar 30, 2020

Colin and I dive deep into entrepreneurship and what it takes to run your own farm. We talk about diet transitions, raising children, whether to prioritize proteins or fats, and we even talk a bit about raw dairy! We also go over strategies like quality over speed and how losing isn't always a loss. Enjoy! 

Mar 27, 2020

Dr. Ted Naiman and I really dive into our differing views about which approach is optimal - high fat, or high protein. We get into why we promote the diets we do, and the pros and cons of both. We talk about nutrients, energy level, performance, zero carbs, hormones, carnivore, vegetables, bodybuilding and so much more....

Mar 23, 2020

Aaron Orton and I dive deep into all things to do with natural bodybuilding and different nutritional strategies. We talked about banned substances as well as macros! Enjoy!

* PLEASE NOTE this podcast was recorded before knowledge of our competitions being postponed* 

Mar 20, 2020

Today's podcast is the audio file from my latest competition prep update. I have just received some information about my upcoming competitions and wanted to shed some light on how I will be moving forward. I hope you all are staying safe and healthy through this trying time.

Mar 16, 2020

Chris Stanton and I dive deep into what exactly nuclear pharmacology is, and how it works in your body. We discuss what it means when your body is sick, and talk about things at a cellular level as well. We go into things like your blood cells, radioactivity, and diagnosing sicknesses. This conversation with Chris was...