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The Keto Savage Podcast

Podcast discussing fitness lifestyle, the keto diet, science, nutrition, contest prep, the fitness industry, business, and the pursuit of happiness!  There will be several different podcast guests that will consist of athletes, experts in the health and nutrition industry, and other people of interest!

Dec 30, 2022

Greg is a current client of mine and also one of our Deeper State Keto coaches. He earned his pro card following a ketogenic protocol and he’s currently training for his 2023 competition season. In this episode, we discuss what he’s currently working on as far as his prep is concerned and various issues and topics...

Dec 26, 2022

Are you suffering from menopausal symptoms and think that’s simply a part of aging? Cynthia Thurlow is a nurse practitioner, intermittent fasting and nutrition expert, and a two-time TEDx speaker. She is passionate about helping women find wellness through the healing power of nutrition and fasting. (

Dec 23, 2022

Do you have a negative view of spinal surgery? Dr. Ardavan Aslie is a Board Certified, Harvard University Fellow Spine Surgeon. During his first three years of practice, Dr. Aslie became aware of a significant challenge confronting patients who underwent spinal surgery. Solving this problem became Dr. Aslie’s...

Dec 19, 2022

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of exogenous ketones? Frank Llosa is an entrepreneur and former Division I track athlete, who incorporates biohacking to stay competitive in all his endeavors. He is the founder of KetoneAid, a performance-enhancing sport and brain ketone ester drink.

Dec 16, 2022

Brett and Harry officially launched the Meat Mafia in January 2022 with one mission in mind: share their wealth of practical experiences in transforming their own health through an active, animal-based lifestyle. Animal-based living emphasizes the elimination of processed foods and the consumption of natural, whole...