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The Keto Savage Podcast

Podcast discussing fitness lifestyle, the keto diet, science, nutrition, contest prep, the fitness industry, business, and the pursuit of happiness!  There will be several different podcast guests that will consist of athletes, experts in the health and nutrition industry, and other people of interest!

Mar 22, 2019

In this episode, I speak with great friend Derek Tye and we dive deep into thinking for success! Derek came from humble beginnings but has been able to build a successful empire. We talk about some of the life lessons he's learned in the process. He tells us how to create actionable steps to turn our goals into reality. He stresses the importance of doing everything with excellence. He talks about how to create fulfillment in life. Derek is also a family man and he gives some great insight on how to juggle family life with business endeavors. I really enjoyed the conversation and I hope y'all do as well!